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  • Personlig sikkerhed og værnemidler | FH-Contractors

    Personal protective equipment in production area Safety always starts with you, so you must be aware of your actions to ensure that no one is put in danger. Safety helmet A safety helmet must always be worn: When others are working above you, or where there is a risk of falling objects or other causes of head injuries. When working in confined spaces where there is a risk of hitting your head against sharp, pointed, or otherwise dangerous objects. During rigging and crane work. On construction sites with signage that requires helmet use. Hearing protection Noise can be harmful to your hearing. Employers must provide hearing protection, and the Working Environment Authority recommends that employees use hearing protection if the noise level exceeds 80 dB(A), if peak values exceed 130 dB(C), or if the noise exposure is otherwise harmful or annoying. The noise exposure under the hearing protection must not exceed 85 dB(A) under any circumstances, and the peak value must not exceed 137 dB(C). Employers must provide hearing protection for employees if the noise level exceeds 80 dB(A), if the peak values exceed 135 dB(C), or if the noise is otherwise harmful or highly annoying. This may be the case if short-term work is performed under very noisy conditions. Hearing protection must be used by everyone working in areas where the noise level exceeds 85 dB(A). It is recommended that hearing protection be used for noise levels between 80 and 85 dB(A). Hearing protection must always be used when an individual is bothered by the strength or tone of the noise. Hearing protection is provided for all employees. Protective glasses Eye protection must be used when the type of work or work situation can damage or otherwise affect the eyes. This includes both short-term irritations and long-term or permanent damage. The choice of eye protection depends on the type of work being performed, the lighting, and the possible risks to the eyes. Safety glasses or face shields must always be used when: Grinding and chiseling. Cleaning with compressed air. Welding. Being in dusty environments. Handling chemicals. Using angle grinders and reciprocating saws. Cutting with high-speed tools. Persons who are near these work operations must also protect their eyes. Flame resistant clothing Always wear full cover, fire resistant and antistatic clothing. The coverall is always closed / zipped up. Protective gloves The skin can be exposed to dangerous tools, machines, and chemicals. This mainly applies to the hands, but also to other exposed skin surfaces such as forearms and the face. The skin can be protected by using: Special creams and gloves. However, skin protection does not end when work hours are over. Using hand cleaner will dissolve oil, paint, and other substances that are difficult to remove without damaging the skin's natural moisture. To ensure complete protection, one must thoroughly wash the skin with soap and water and then treat it with a moisturizer. The only satisfactory protection against mechanical injuries is gloves. When working with chemical products, refer to the workplace instructions for the type of gloves to be used. Protective Footwear Always wear protective footwear. Guidelines Your HSE responsibility Risk assessment of your own work Personal protective equipment Precautions for travel Sick leave Smoking policy

  • FH Contractors | Manpower solution

    We have the manpower to empower your business. Our service Your professional recruitment partner within offshore, wind energy, and production. ​ FH Contractors is a well-established manpower company specializing in Manpower Solution and Project Recruitment. As one of the leading manpower companies, we assist our clients in recruiting personnel for projects . We provide specialists in welding, metalworking, and various other fields for industries such as offshore, construction, and shipbuilding. We always offer highly qualified, skilled, and certified manpower and have experience in recruiting at all levels of the organization. Read more MANPOWER SOLUTIONS We are experts in manpower, and we can provide qualified, competent and certified workforce to your projects. Maritime We have motivated and qualified employees to carry out ship repair etc. Offshore We are specialists in recruitment for the offshore industry, and have more than 20 years of experience recruiting staff for projects around the world. Renewables Green energy is on the whole world's agenda. We adapt our services to the individual task and offer crew with the necessary skills to handle many types of tasks with focus on flexibility, quality and safety. Welding School We certify and test all employees on site. We also offer to certify and test your employees on site. + 500 Employees 4 Different Industries + 20 Years of experience Our clients Address Mode Industrievej 21 6705 Esbjerg Ø Denmark Phone +45 7612 4444 Email Connect

  • Stay Safe / HMS | FH-Contractors

    Stay Safe FH Contractors has a clear ambition to create a safe workplace where accidents and injuries are prevented. "Stay Safe" is at the heart of our work. We prioritize promoting safe execution of work and strengthening awareness and understanding of personal responsibility among each employee to ensure a safe working environment. General information about health, environment, safety, and quality As an employee at FH Contractors, it is your duty to: Follow applicable rules for safety and health in the workplace. Contribute to ensuring that safety measures function as intended. Ensure that temporarily removed safety measures (e.g., during repairs) are restored. Report errors and deficiencies of significance for the environment, safety, and health to the responsible parties. You must always familiarize yourself with local health, environment, and safety regulations, and any heightened requirements in the workplace always take precedence over FH Contractors' general requirements. FH Contractors' guidelines constitute minimum standards for safety regulations, unless otherwise stated in writing. Local safety requirements from other companies related to your work should be prioritized over FH Contractors' guidelines. You must always comply with the laws of the country where you work. Violations may result in dismissal. Alcohol and intoxicating substances are prohibited in the workplace, and intoxication or influence will not be tolerated. Abuse will result in immediate dismissal at your own expense.. Remember, safety always comes first! ​ These guidelines constitute the foundation for health, environment, safety, and quality at FH Contractors. By adhering to them, you contribute to our common goal of maintaining a high level of safety in the workplace, which protects both people, the environment, and equipment. Guidelines Your HSE responsibility Personal protective equipment Precautions for travel Risk assessment of your own work Sick leave Smoking policy Deviation Report 9 Life Saving Rules Bypassing Safety Controls Obtain authorisation before overriding or disabling safety-controls: I understand and use safety-critical equipment and procedures which apply to my task I obtain authorisation before: disabling or overriding safety equipment deviating from procedures crossing a barrier Confined Space Obtain authorisation before entering a confirned space: I confirm energy sources are isolated I confirm the atmosphere has been tested and is monitored I check and use my breathing apparatus when required I confirm there is an attendant standing by I confirm a rescue plan is in place I obtain authorisation to enter. Safe Mechanical Lifting Plan lifting operations and control the area: I confirm that the equipment and load have been inspected and are fit for purpose I only operate equipment that I am qualified to use I establish and obey barriers and exclusion zones I never walk under a suspended load. Work Authorization Work with a valid permit when required: I have confirmed if a permit is required I am authorised to perform the work I understand the permit I have confirmed that hazards are controlled and it is safe to start I stop and reassess if conditions change. Driving Follow safe driving rules: I always wear a seatbelt I do not exceed the speed limit, and reduce my speed for road conditions I do not use phones or operate devices while driving I am fit, rested and fully alert while driving I follow journey management requirements. Hot Work Control flammables and ignition sources: I identify and control ignition sources Before starting any hot work: I confirm flammable material has been removed or isolated I obtain authorisation Before starting hot work in a hazardous area I confirm: a gas test has been completed gas will be monitored continually. Working at Height Protect yourself against a fall when working at height: I inspect my fall protection equipment before use I secure tools and work materials to prevent dropped objects I tie off 100% to approved anchor points while outside a protected area. Energy isolation Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins: I have identified all energy sources I confirm that hazardous energy sources have been isolated, locked, and tagged I have checked there is zero energy and tested for residual or stored energy. Line of fire Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins: I position myself to avoid: moving objects vehicles pressure releases dropped objects I establish and obey barriers and exclusion zones I take action to secure loose objects and report potential dropped objects

  • Contact | Fh Contractors

    Contact us FH Contractors works around the world. See what we offer Headquarters FH Contractors A/S Måde Industrivej 21 6705 Esbjerg Ø Denmar k Tel. +45 7612 4444 Fax. +45 7612 4440 E-mail: FH Contractors Norway A/S Organization no. 00 916 487 614 Harestadveien 77, 4070 Randaberg Norway We are looking for skilled specialists Apply job We have the manpower to empower your business. Our team CEO Henrik Buurskov E-mail +45 7612 4444 +45 4091 1022 COO Sylvia Hermanowicz E-mail +45 7612 4444 +45 2056 3038 Sales Manager Christian Due E-mail +45 24693752 Site Manager Norway Karol Zajdler E-mail +47 912 94 682 Salaries & Finance Sabina Daria Braga E-mail +45 7612 4444 +45 3125 0167 HR Coordinator Izabela Koc (po lsk) E-mail +45 7612 4444 +45 5354 8557 Salaries & Finance Agnieszka Jadach E-mail +45 7612 4444 +45 3143 0719 Adress Mode Industrievej 21 6705 Esbjerg Ø Denmark Phone +45 7612 4444 E-mail Connect

  • forholdsregler ved rejser | FH-Contractors

    Precautions for travel Traveling Abroad: Prepare Thoroughly! To ensure a smooth trip abroad, please read the following important information: By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safe and trouble-free trip abroad. Travel Plan: You will receive a detailed travel plan outlining the itinerary, including: Check-in times Ticket information (collection and flight times) Other important information Read the travel plan carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Early Arrival: It is crucial to arrive at the airport well in advance to ensure a hassle-free check-in and boarding. Late arrival may result in denial at the check-in counter. In case of flight denial due to late arrival, you will be charged for the ticket price. Lost Luggage: Should your luggage be lost during the trip, you must immediately report this to the tour operator. You will receive further instructions on how to report the lost luggage and claim compensation. Remember to contact your insurance company (home insurance) to report the lost luggage. Read More Guidelines Your HSE responsibility Risk assessment of your own work Personal protective equipment Precautions for travel Sick leave Smoking policy

  • Job og projektansættelser | FH-Contractors

    Bring your career to life. New career opportunities FH Contractors is a well-established manpower company with expertise in recruiting highly qualified personnel for various sectors, including the oil and gas industry, construction, and wind turbine industry. We always have a need for skilled specialists in areas such as welding, metalworking, and many other fields. If you are looking for exciting job opportunities, you have come to the right place. We would be delighted to welcome you as part of our team! Project employee We offer exciting project assignments at FH Contractors A/S, where you will have the opportunity to work on diverse tasks and projects. Our projects vary in duration and rotation patterns, for example, 13 days on-site and 15 days at home, or 14 days on-site and 21 days at home. At FH Contractors A/S, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. You will be assigned your own contact person who will ensure that you thrive in your employment. Your contact person will actively seek out new exciting tasks and projects for you. The compensation for your project assignment will be determined according to an agreement. You will receive an employment contract that clearly outlines all salary-related details, including accommodations, allowances, and travel expenses, in accordance with applicable collective agreements and market conditions within the relevant field. How to apply Apply online Here, you can fill out our application form with your contact information, details about your education, professional experience, and more. You are also requested to attach your CV and other relevant documents. Apply Mane Surname(s) E-mail Phone Adress Apply for Choose job Description Curriculum vitae Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Certificates Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Courses/other Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Upload file jpg/png (maks 15 MB) Languages Dansk English Polski Norsk Svenska Deutsch Français Español عربي Suomalainen I agree. By checking this box you agree to let FH Contractors collect your name, email, comments, and other personally identifiable data entered by you in this form. Submit See our Privacy Policy Join our team A good and safe working environment! Your health and safety are central to us. Our approach to QHSE is an important element of our company culture, and we take our safety responsibility very seriously! Our approach to HSEQ Stay Safe - Health, Environment, and Safety (HSE) HSE guidelines at FH Contractors

  • Om os | FH-Contractors

    About us + 500 Employees 4 Different industries + 20 Years of experience FH Contractors A/S FH Contractors A/S is a well-established manpower service company specialised in qualified workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business. Every day, we connect business with skilled manpower across a wide range of skills and industries helping to power the success of clients around the world. We serve both large and small organisations across all industry sectors with qualified employees in Denmark and abroad. ​ We offer specialists in welding, metalwork and a range of other areas to the offshore-, construction- and shipbuilding industries. We provide qualified, competent and certified capacity to your production, yard, workshop, building site or assembly site at all levels of the organisation. ​ FH Contractors A/S has more than 20 years of experience, 500 employees and a further 1.200 available in our network. ​ Based in Esbjerg, Denmark and with subsidiary in Randaberg, Norway, FH Contractors operates globally to provide solutions for our customers. With our experience and flexibility in the organisation, we make sure that our customers get the best solutions – every time! ”All our employees are trained and certified.” Rent specialized manpower At FH Contractors, you have the opportunity to hire skilled, qualified, competent, and certified personnel in welding, metalwork, and various other fields, including offshore, construction, and shipbuilding industries. FH Contractors are industry-leading experts in energy and industrial projects. With over twenty years of experience, we provide capable personnel for projects worldwide on a daily basis. We continuously invest in the training and certification of our talented employees. Our pride lies in delivering exceptional craftsmanship of the highest quality. This not only yields impressive results but also fosters strong, long-lasting, and trustworthy relationships with our employees, customers, and partners. Specialists We are your reliable source for experts in welding, metalwork, and a wide range of fields within the offshore, construction, and shipbuilding industries. Our selection of expertise is undeniable. We always provide top-qualified, competent, and certified personnel who are handpicked to meet your needs. Whether you require experienced leaders or dedicated specialists, we have the right recruitment solution to strengthen your organization and ensure your success. See what we offer Safety For FH Contractors, safety is central to everything we do. Through training and information, we ensure that our hired personnel comply with and follow the customers' specific environment, working environment and safety instructions. FH Contractor's leased staff undergo documented safety training. See our HSEQ Welding training & qualification In a strategic partnership with our partner in Poland, we certify and test all employees, so they are always ready to weld according to industry requirements. We also offer to certify and test your employees on site. Read more Address Mode Industrievej 21 6705 Esbjerg Ø Denmark Phone +45 7612 4444 E-mail Connect

  • Svejseskole | FH-Contractors

    Welding School Certification & training We have entered into a strategic collaboration with the welding school IRON SOLUTION in Poland, from where we certify and site-test all employees, so that they are always ready to weld according to the industry's requirements. We also offer to certify and site-test our customers' employees. ​ IRON SOLUTION offers professional training of welders in accordance with programs developed by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the European Welding Federation (EWF), and has trained staff to approve school certificates. Read more about the welding school Certifications EN ISO 9606 Grundmateriale Svejsemetode "All our employees are trained and certified." Contact us today

  • FH Contractors | Services | Mandskabsudlejning

    We offer Manpower service. Contact us today Qualified & certified manpower Let us handle everything around staff recruitment. We help with highly qualified, competent and certified personnel and at the same time reduce your costs. You only pay for resources when you actually need them. With us, you have the option of renting on a temporary basis for an agreed period or for permanent employment of the employees - depending on agreement. We are a professional business partner who, through service and personal contact, has developed long-term collaborations with our customers. We offer We offer specialists in welding , metalwork and a range of other areas to the offshore-, energy , construction - and shipbuilding industries. We can provide qualified, competent and certified capacity to your production, yard, workshop, building site or assembly site. We can supply employees at all levels of the organisation – from management to clerk. You can also choose to outsource your production to us and make use of the trades and professions we have here. Welders Constructors Specialists This is how we make a difference With our experience and flexibility in the organization, we can guarantee that our customers always get the best tailored solution - every time! We offer the recruitment of personnel for your projects with the right qualifications. ​ We have a team of 500 dedicated employees, supported by an extensive network of 1200 skilled professionals, all poised and ready to serve your needs. ​ "We supply the employees our customers need – at the right time and with the right qualifications" Projects Experience more in some of our ongoing and completed projects. Jotun A ship OptiRAS Jotun A ship The platform Hugin A shell's Jackdaw platform

  • Energy | Fh Contractors

    Renewable energy Are you in need of qualified workforce for your company in the wind and energy industry? As worldwide initiatives to reduce climate impact and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels continue, the need for specialized expertise is growing exponentially. At FH Contractors, we serve as your ultimate partner in recruitment and manpower leasing within the wind power industry. The energy technology sector is experiencing explosive growth, leading to increased competition for the best talent both nationally and internationally. We specialize in recruiting and qualifying the workforce necessary to drive wind power projects, renewable energy forms (RE forms), and wind farms. Our expertise At FH Contractors, we tailor our services specifically to each task, providing personnel with the necessary skills to handle various types of tasks with a focus on flexibility, quality, and safety. We understand that every situation is unique and strive to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our extensive network of experienced professionals enables us to offer seamless recruitment and ensure that you obtain the necessary expertise for your specific energy production projects or temporary assignments. We are dedicated to assisting you in meeting your company's needs within the wind and energy industry. ​ What w e offer Specialized recruitment: Our focus is on the Renewable energy industry and we understand the needs of this sector. This enables us to find specialists who not only have the right skills, but also the necessary experience and mentality to thrive in the job. Qualified staff: We ensure that our carefully selected specialists have the necessary certifications, skills and abilities to deliver the highest quality expertise. Customized solutions: We understand that every project is unique. That is why we adapt our recruitment solutions to your specific requirements and goals. Regardless of whether you need short-term employment, a temporary worker for a project or long-term crew for continuous operation, we can find the right solution for you. Fast delivery: We know that time is of the essence in the offshore industry. That's why we work efficiently to introduce you to qualified candidates within a short time, so you can get started on your project without delay. Contact us Are you looking for a welder for a job? Don't hesitate to contact us for a non-binding conversation. We look forward to assisting you in finding the right professionals who can elevate your welding projects to new heights. Apply online.

  • Sygemelding | FH-Contractors

    Precautions in case of illness In case of illness, it must always be reported using the form below. In case of illness while working abroad, you must personally ensure to call in sick to both the payroll office in Esbjerg and to the site supervisor. This must be done no later than one hour after the normal start of working hours. If illness is not reported to the office according to the above guidelines, the right to sick pay may be lost according to applicable regulations. In case of illness Please fill out this form First Name Last Name Day of birth Email Mobile First sick day Submit Thank you - you are now on sick leave

  • Dit HMS ansvar | FH-Contractors

    HSE responsibility FH Contractors is responsible for enabling you to work safely. HSE is a line responsibility that extends from top management to all employees. But first and foremost, HSE starts with: Myself! As an employee, you have a duty to: Take responsibility for your own and others' safety and health Follow the rules regarding safety and health applicable to the work Contribute to ensuring that safety measures are effective Rectify errors and deficiencies of environmental, safety, and health significance Report hazardous conditions and incidents (to be reported in the form below) Accident and Hazard Prevention Deviation report: Here you can report hazardous conditions and incidents. Name Date Time Surname Email Projekct Place Incident: Accident Error Disagreement Possibility of improvements Personal injury Environment Equipment Describe incident Cause Immediate action taken? Yes No Suggested solutions Send Thank you for taking responsibility for a safe workplace where accidents and hazardous incidents are prevented! Quality and Attitudes towards one's own and others' values Personal Conduct You represent the company FH Contractors. We expect you to conduct yourself in a sober and proper manner towards both colleagues, customers, and partners. Remember that when you work for FH Contractors, you are the face of the company to the outside world. FH Contractors' own location When you are at FH Contractors' own location, you must always clean up after yourself. The safety rules mentioned in this handbook apply. You are also always responsible for handling the company's tools, materials, and equipment properly. Waste should be sorted correctly into the marked bins and containers. Site Offices, Containers, and Project Sites When working on various projects, used site offices and containers must always be kept tidy. You are responsible for assisting in keeping the company's equipment clean and maintained on the sites, and the issued workwear should always be in good and proper condition. Read more about: Precautions for Travel Personnel Policy Safety Rules Our Approach to HSEQ

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