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FH Contractors Safe at Work HMS

HSE responsibility 

FH Contractors is responsible for enabling you to work safely. HSE is a line responsibility that extends from top management to all employees. But first and foremost, HSE starts with: Myself!

As an employee, you have a duty to:

  • Take responsibility for your own and others' safety and health

  • Follow the rules regarding safety and health applicable to the work

  • Contribute to ensuring that safety measures are effective

  • Rectify errors and deficiencies of environmental, safety, and health significance

  • Report hazardous conditions and incidents (to be reported in the form below)

Accident and Hazard Prevention

Here you can report hazardous conditions and incidents

Thank you for taking responsibility for a safe workplace where accidents and hazardous incidents are prevented!

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Quality and Attitudes towards one's own and others' values

Personal Conduct

You represent the company FH Contractors. We expect you to conduct yourself in a sober and proper manner towards both colleagues, customers, and partners. Remember that when you work for FH Contractors, you are the face of the company to the outside world.

FH Contractors' own location

When you are at FH Contractors' own location, you must always clean up after yourself. The safety rules mentioned in this handbook apply. You are also always responsible for handling the company's tools, materials, and equipment properly. Waste should be sorted correctly into the marked bins and containers.

Site Offices, Containers, and Project Sites

When working on various projects, used site offices and containers must always be kept tidy. You are responsible for assisting in keeping the company's equipment clean and maintained on the sites, and the issued workwear should always be in good and proper condition.

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