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FH Contractors Vi tilbyder specialister inden for svejsning, metalarbejde, og en række and

Do you need additional resources during a busy period?

With our extensive experience in areas such as welding, diesel engine overhauls, pump replacement and refurbishment, technician support, and hydraulics within the maritime offshore sector, we are ready to step in and ensure that your company can navigate the shifting tides of the industry.

In the maritime sector, the pace can vary from high intensity to quieter periods. Suddenly, situations can change, and hectic activity can arise. This means that there can be an urgent need for extra hands to process orders on time and provide the desired service to customers. This is something we fully understand at FH Contractors, as we have worked within the industry for many years. We are here to ensure that your company is well-equipped for any challenge that may arise.

Our expertise

We offer the delivery of highly qualified and motivated personnel with relevant backgrounds to carry out ship repairs and more. We place a strong emphasis on proper planning, utilization of the latest advanced technical solutions, and meeting deadlines while maintaining an appropriate and competitive price level.

We collaborate with our clients to find the best long-term solutions with a focus on quality and safety. Fulfilling safety and occupational health regulations is of great importance to us and always remains our top priority.

Contact us

Do you need additional staff for a shorter or longer period? Contact us for a discussion about what we can offer in terms of manpower assistance. There might be a need for more personnel over an extended period due to being understaffed. It could also be about an urgent requirement to tackle a specific task. Regardless of the need, we can provide qualified personnel – always at a reasonable price.

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