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FH Contractors provide specialists in welding metalworking and various other fields for in

Committed to keeping our employees and clients safe.


Quality, environment, safety & health

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A responsible approach FH Contractors
quality Dedicated to ensuring high quality

Through education and information, we ensure that our personnel adhere and follows our customers' specific environment, working environment and safety instructions.

FH Contractor’s personnel undergoes documented safety training at our welding school.

For FH Contractor’s personnel, meetings are held on-sites when / if our customers request. These on-site meetings provide general and relevant safety information, and statistics for HSE work are reviewed. FH Contractors will take all reasonable and practical steps to improve work safety – we are committed to provide qualified and motivated personnel who are focused on achieving goals and meeting the objectives set by our clients.


Mental and physical

Ensuring a healthy and safe workplace has always been our top priority. With the continued growth of the company and our workforce, we have emphasized achieving ISO 45001 certification. This is a natural extension of our commitment to workplace safety, where we maintain a very low tolerance for deviations.

We aim to cultivate an appealing work environment that considers both the mental and physical well-being of our employees. Our greatest asset is our workforce – and we understand that we risk losing them if we fail to establish an attractive work environment that fosters diversity and safety!

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Stay Safe
Our top priority is to ensure that everyone returns home safely every day.

FH Contractors aims to be a healthy workplace where accidents and harm to people, property, and the environment are avoided. We firmly believe that every accident can be prevented, and our work environment should be characterized by commitment and recognition.

Our HSEQ commitment is certified according to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System: ISO 45001:2018.

Stay Safe

Through our HSEQ program "Stay Safe," we focus on strengthening awareness and understanding of each employee's personal responsibility to ensure a safe work environment.


A responsible approach
A Sustainable Approach to Environmental Protection

FH Contractors' ISO 14001 certification is part of our environmental strategy, which includes waste sorting, reduced energy consumption, thoughtful transportation procedures, and sustainable production principles. We support Denmark's goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030 and aim to reduce our negative impact on the environment by using resources efficiently and decreasing energy consumption. As a company, we are aware of our potential role in mitigating climate change and preserving natural resources.

Committed to keeping our employees and clients safe
A responsible approach FH Contractors
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quality Dedicated to ensuring high quality


Dedicated to ensuring high quality

FH Contractors aims to adhere to the highest standards when delivering services. Customer satisfaction is our clear goal. Therefore, we value having obtained the ISO 9001 certification.

Maintaining our quality management system is an ongoing process in which we invest significant resources, as it helps us focus on customer requirements, risk management, and thorough documentation of our work processes.

View all our HSEQ certificates below.


HSEQ certificates

FH Contractors runs an integrated management system certified by DNV-GL according to highly recognized international standards:

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