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FH Contractors
Code of Conduct

The Code provides guidance on what we stand for as a company, and it governs how each brand, business unit and employee within FH Contractors engages with customers, authorities, colleagues, suppliers, the community and other stakeholders.


1. Object 

Successful development of FH Contractors group depends to a large extent on customers, employees, cooperation partners and others being confident that, in all respects, FH Contractors group will exercise behavior true to its values. These values are reflected in this Code of Conduct. 

2. FH Contractors employees 

FH Contractors meets all customers, suppliers and cooperation partners with honesty and fairness based on ethical and legal business conduct of the highest standard. We demand high integrity in the way employees exercise their duties at FH Contractors. All employees must comply with this Code of Conduct and otherwise promote sound and professional behavior in all situations.

Employees must avoid having interests in, and/or any personal benefit from, business relationships and business opportunities that employees become aware of in their activities. Furthermore, they must avoid situations that may entail a conflict of interest.

FH Contractors does not participate in any form of unfair trade or cartel, and we do not accept gifts or services that can be perceived as direct or indirect bribery and/or kickback: neither do we offer such services. 

Employees must treat all data issued by customers, suppliers, and cooperation partners with confidentiality. When processing personal data on customers, job applicants, colleagues, suppliers and cooperation partners, etc., all employees must ensure that the data protection legislation in force at any time, as well as internal guidelines and policies for protection of personal data etc. from FH Contractors, are observed. 

The requirements and expectations stated below for cooperation partners also apply for employees. 

3. General requirements for cooperation partners

It is crucial for FH Contractors that our cooperation partners act responsibly and in accordance with our values. This Code of Conduct therefore also sets out requirements and expectations for responsible business conduct that FH Contractors has for our partners.

This Code of Conduct applies for all contracts and important agreements established with a company in the FH Contractors group structure. 

It is expected that cooperation partners have internal guidelines for employees’ performance of their duties and responsibilities that are at least equivalent to what applies to employees of FH Contractors according to this Code of Conduct. 

This Code of Conduct will be attached as an annex to all agreements and contracts entered into with important cooperation partners. The Code of Conduct will thus be an integral part of the contractual basis. 

Cooperation partners are obligated to ensure that the FH Contractors Code of Conduct is correspondingly a part of the contractual basis with their sub-suppliers and subcontractors. Cooperation partners are responsible for implementing all the measures necessary to ensure compliance with this Code of Conduct. Any costs incurred in this respect will fall due to the cooperation partner. 

4. Obligations of the cooperation partner 

4.1. Child labor

FH Contractors does not condone or accept child labor as defined in relevant ILO Conventions. National legislation must be respected if this entails stricter demands. In practice, this means that FH Contractors will not accept that children under 15 years of age, children under the legal minimum age, or children under the local age of compulsory education, are part of the full-time workforce at the collaboration partner or its sub-suppliers and subcontractors in all parts of the chain. 

Youths (15-18 years old) may only be employed by a cooperation partner or its sub-suppliers and subcontractors in all parts of the chain, if the work complies with the ILO Conventions and local legislation. 

4.2. Forced and compulsory labor 

FH Contractors does not condone or accept forced and compulsory labour and will not enter into contracts with companies that make use of work performed under a compulsory contract or slavery, or any other types of work performed by a person against their will. 

4.3. Discrimination

FH Contractors respects and values diversity. Discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, faith, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or national, social or ethnic origin is not accepted. 

4.4. Health and safety at work

FH Contractors values and supports employees’ right to a good and healthy working environment. Cooperation partners, as well as their sub-suppliers and subcontractors must ensure a good and healthy working environment, which as a minimum complies with national regulations and legislation. 

4.5. Pay and terms of employment

Cooperation partners and their sub-suppliers and subcontractors must ensure that all employees involved in work for FH Contractors, and deliveries to these, have pay and employment terms that are no less favorable than the pay and employment terms which, according to collective agreements, national legislation, or administrative regulations, apply for work of the same type in relevant professions, trades or industries. 

5. Control measures and sanctions

FH Contractors is entitled to on-site inspection at the workplace of a cooperation partner and at suppliers to a cooperation partner. 

FH Contractors may, at any time, request documentation that pay and employment terms for employees associated with the requirements of this Code of Conduct. 

If a cooperation partner demonstrates a lack of willingness to comply with the requirements laid down by this Code of Conduct, or repeatedly ignores orders from FH Contractors, this will be a material breach of the cooperation contract.

Esbjerg, 1. januar 2024.

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