Over the next few years will be difficult filling posts of engineers in Denmark.

A report from the Nordic Council of Ministers shows that in five years will be missing 7,000 engineers in Denmark.

Engineering Society has reached the same result.

So after the big after inquiry of Engineers have FH Contractors Now extended their manpower in the engineering side.

FH Contractors have now opened offices in Spain and are planning more offices in Europe in the future where we can offer engineers within all categories.

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • With experience in on / off shore wind and solar energy, etc., etc.

FH Contractors A/S has existed since 2003.

FH Contractors is a well-established manpower service company with qualified employees in Denmark and abroad.

Our expertise is recruiting personnel within these areas: industry, CHP plants, yards, on-/offshore etc.

Our personnel carry out all kinds of work: in workshops, construction welding, pipe welding and the like.

We certify our welders in our own workshop and in this way make sure that each employee is qualified to carry out a safe and good job for your company.

We offer work within the following areas:

All kinds of rig work, on-/offshore, pipe installation, valve installation, cable work etc.

Scaffolding workers:
Pipe- and industry scaffolding, system scaffolding, facade scaffolding, offshore system scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, combined steel and aluminium scaffolding and we help with installation and dismantling as well as any occurring tasks in this connection.

Crane operator, rigging and signalling workers, forklift truck driver:
All kinds of work within those areas.

Surface treatments:
Painter and sandblaster.

All kinds of work within this area.

Storehouse worker:
All kinds of work within this area.

Our primary tasks within the fields of welders and smith are:

Stainless and black steel, titan and aluminium:
We work with stainless, steel industry, on-/offshore, dairies, breweries and rustproof refrigeration systems as well as steel construction on shipyards etc.

Industry and instrument pipe workers:
All kinds of work in on-/offshore, shipyards and industry.

Shipbuilders, plate smiths, ship fitters:
All kinds of work in on-/offshore and shipyards.

We employ well-qualified foremen.

Our goal is to provide you with workers at the right time and the right place with the qualifications you need.

For further information you are welcome to contact us.